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◆ National Health Insurance:

The eligibility for applying NHI :

Students who stay in Taiwan for 6 consecutive months (183 days) are eligible to apply for National Health Insurance.

Please refer to the following exmaples to evaluate your eligibility to join NHI.








Apply for NHI:

OIA will inform you once you are qualified.

While you get the notificaion, please send ID photo (jpg.)(<5M) to ccuoiais@gmail.com for applying.

Fee: NTD 4494 / semester (NTD.749 per month)

While you lose the card:

  • Application Form (NHI Card Application Form)
  • Valid ARC (Original and copy)
  • Fee for NTD.200(Applicant missed/ broke the previous card)
  • 2-inch color photo

The need-to-know rules regarding National Health Insurance:

  • The fees for National Health Insurance will be included in your tuition fee and CCU charges 6-month fees in advance.
  • Applicant who loses the card shall pay NTD.200, fill out the application form and go to the post office to apply for new card by one self.
  • National Health Insurance is mandatory for foreigners who are eligible to join. If eligible doesn’t apply, he/she will be fined for NTD.5000 and need to make up the pending fees.
  • CCU will cancel students’ NHI after their graduation. Students who are staying in Taiwan after graduating have to visit the NHI office in Chiayi City for further procedures.

◆ Cathay Insurance:
New students who are not eligible to join National Health Insurance for the first 6 months must purchase the alternative medical insurance or provide the overseas medical insurance authenticated by Taiwan embassy.

Fees and Coverage: 
Fee: NTD 3000 / semester (NTD 500 / month)
Coverage: accident or illness treatment (checking items are not included, such as eye examination, dental examination, etc.)

How much can I claim?
Maximum amount: NTD1000

How to apply for reimbursement:
1. Payment Receipt
2. Diagnosis certificate 
3. Bankbook copy
4. ARC copy

Please bring the above documents to OIA for applying for reimbursement.

◆ Student Group Safety Insurance:
What is student group safety insurance?
It's a group insurance contract between CCU and the insurance company and students are the insured.
Student Group Safety Insurance (file)

How much a student should pay for 2019 Fall and 2020 Spring Semester?
NTD 274 / semester, each CCU student is required to pay the student group insurance.

Where I can find more information?
Health Center (Miss Tsai, phone extension: 12346)

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