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About OIA

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) at the National Chung Cheng University (CCU) was established in 2005 for providing supporting services and programs for international students, faculty, and staff. Under the leadership of the Dean of International Affairs, there are three divisions to strengthen the internationalization of the National Chung Cheng University. The VISION of the Office of International Affairs at CCU is as follows: (As of 2016) Short-Term Vision: The development of a university-wide standard-operating procedure (SOP) for recruiting quality international students and an internationally-friendly campus! Mid-Term Vision: The creation of a resourceful and innovating environment for promoting the international academic and industry collaborations of researchers (professors, students) in the university, that can attract top-quality international students to CCU. Long-Term Vision: The elevation of the international visibility of CCU through actively participating in all kinds of world university rankings and collaborations with internatonally renowned universities across the world.




I. Division of International Academic Cooperation

The Division of International Academic Cooperation encourages faculty members and students to engage in international (including Mainland China) activities and research programs or collaborations. The main objectives of this Division are as follows:

(1) Staff attending International Conferences

CIAE encourages scholars to attend international conferences to publish their theses or host seminars at the international or multinational levels.
(2) Graduate Students Attending International Conferences

CCU has nearly 6,000 Master and Ph.D. students. With the subsidization grants from the Ministry of Education and the National Science Council, the number of students attending international conferences has been steadily increasing. CCU motivates graduate students to attend international conferences to acquire academic experience.
(3) Coordinate International Programs and Activities

Division of International Academic Cooperation either initiates or coordinates international academic activities such as international conferences, seminars, and workshops, and invites international renowned speakers or even ambassadors as ways to foster multilateral cultural exchanges, encourage staff to extend their professional accomplishments, and enrich students' knowledge with global perspectives.
(4) Promote International Exchange and Collaboration

Another important task for this Division is to promote and enhance international exchange and collaboration. The content of the assignments is to seek, form, and ensure the alliances with overseas partner universities. This involves signing Memorandum of Understanding of collaboration, joint research projects, students and faculty exchange programs, exchange of academic publications and information, and dual-degree agreements.




II. Division of International Students

International institutions of higher education are making efforts to organize programs that cultivate students' global perspectives, and encourage them to go overseas for higher education. Therefore, it is crucial that CCU creates favorable environments and learning conditions to recruit international students. The Division of International Students are responsible for the following services:

(1) Assisting International Students
OIA assists international students with accommodation, living, and studying at CCU. Numerous festivities, field trips, and Office meetings held by the OIA (sometimes in collaboration with CCU volunteers) aim to help international students to adapt to the living and studying in the University.

(2) Promoting Student Mobility
Since internationalization becomes more and more important for nowadays students, OIA helps promoting special events and activities held by overseas partner universities, and strongly encourages CCU students to participate as to broaden their world views. Besides, bilateral exchanges between two universities are also especially welcomed, so that students of both sides are able to benefit from the varieties of cultural and academic experiences.

III. Division of International Development

Creating and maintaining resourceful international exchange and cooperation opportunities is the main mission of the OIA Division of International Development. Under this goal, our main responsibilities include:

  1. Establishing an Information-friendly Campus
    By consolidating all curricula and researches developed by all of our academic divisions, our first main task is to provide a resourceful and information-friendly platform for all prospective international students and visiting scholars. We are also responsible for establishing and processing online application for all prospect international students. Such information-friendly platform will also include other non-academic information regarding life and cultural knowledge which can greatly help our international visitors enjoy their visit to Taiwan.
  2. Developing International Exchange and Cooperation Opportunity
    In order to increase international exposure for all CCU members, we have constantly been seeking possibility abroad to establish cooperation relationship with all internationally-known academic institutions and firms. By collecting and matching demand of CCU with other international institutions, our division aims to develop international cooperation venues that will satisfy the most needed aspects. In addition to developing and sharing these venues, our division's strategies are to encourage and to facilitate cooperation ideas and projects that are initiated by different academic divisions within CCU.

IV. Division & Staff

The Office of International Affairs at the National Chung Cheng University, TAIWAN is fully committed to the internationalization of CCU, along its main mission — to open a gate for CCU to the world of excellence and to facilitate international exchanges for CCU members.