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"I am the best voice actor" Contest

"I am the best voice actor" Contest 

(Goal):We are providing foreign students a competition of《I am the best voice actor》where students can play roles in order to learning Chinese and to improve your Chinese language.

(Organizor):CUFA, Chinese Language Center


(Target): Foreign students whose Chinese Level at A1 to B1.

(Sign Up):
1.    Please fill the google form (, and upload your film with your voice recording(.mp4).
2.    Please tick (v) your agreement for promotion online.

(Steps) :
1.  To scan QR code and to choose a film: male  VIEDO A (role:You-Wen) 、VIDEO B (role:Jia-En)、female VIDEO C (role:Teacher Li)

2.  To download the VIDEO and the transcript that you are going to play role.

3.  To download Ocam and install.

4.  To open Ocam and set up screen area. Playing the film and recording your voice.

5.  To open Ocam's file and find your file, and then to give your file a name as VIDEO A/B/C.

6. After completing the registration, please upload the file into the google form. The form website:

(Scoring Criteria):Pronunciation (pronunciation, intonation) 30%, lip-synch dubbing 30%, intonation (tone, accent, fluency) 30%, vocal expression 10%

(Award):A champion gets NT5000、a runner-up gets NT3000、a third place gets NT2000, with a Certificate, and award 5 excellent work.

(Announcement):2022.08.15  Announcement by CUFA Officical Website and Email. (The award will be charged remittance fee)
CUFA website:

Contact: email: / +886-2-2423-7785 ext. 557/ Mr. Wang