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"Love Zongzi At First Sight" online activity

Love Zongzi At First Sight

Have you ever heard of Dragon Boat Festival? No matter what your answer is, it's time for you to have a deeper understanding of this festival NOW
In this online activity, you can make your own unique sachet and dragon boat at home on that day!!
If you are interested in this activity, sign up and join us! We'll be sure to introduce you to this amazing traditional festival in Taiwan. 
1. Materials will be sent to participants by us.
2. Families are welcome to sign up.
3. There are no age or nationality restrictions for participants.
- Date: June 5th (Sun.)
- Time: 9:00 a.m.~12:00a.m.
- Place: Online
- Fee: $100
- Please see the form link for remittance information
Payment must be made within three days of registration
The registration deadline is 5/30. If you register on 5/30, you need to complete the payment on the same day.

Sign up here