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2022 Multimedia University Shortern Program

活動名稱:   Media Communication Trends & Techniques

活動時間:   2022/05/15-28

Eligibility: who are interested in developing insights and upskilling for media, communication and creative industry.

Background and Significance:
This programme allows students to explore and experience communication trends of social media, develop skills for creative industries and upskill mobile technologies.  

Duration of Programme: 2 weeks (2 online sessions per day)
10:00am - 11:00am: Session 1
11:00am - 2:00pm: Group discussions/Activities/Assignments [Lunch break in between]
2:00pm - 3:00pm: Session 2

Application deadline:  2022/05/10



1. To understand the current trends in media and communication to foster creative minds
2. To empower participants with skills and techniques of digital photography and stop-motion animation  
3. To expose participants to Malaysia’s cultural diversity

Program Highlights:
• Brand & Corporate Design
• Creative SocMed Tactics
• Creating Ethical Content
• Visual Storytelling: Creating
• Basic Video Editing (with Davinci Resolve)
• Creating Social Media Advertisements
• Online Web builder and Web development
• Digital Graphic : Creating Effective Logo Design

• Sharing sessions & discussions
• Classes & Demonstrations
• Virtual Performance/Presentation

Expected Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this programme, participants will gain knowledge and insights into the trends and techniques of media and creative industry.
Digital certificates will be awarded to all participants who have successfully completed the programme.

Fee:  Free