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Workshop for international students on aboriginal culture and agriculture in Namasia

◆活動日期:111/03/26 日(六)上午10 時至111/03/27(日)下午17 時
Event time:Mar 26 (Sat) 10:00 am - Mar 27 (Sun) 5:00 pm
◆集合地點:高雄醫學大學同盟路校門口 (地點: 22.6489, 120.3103)
Meet-and-greet location:Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) Tongmeng Rd Entrance
(GPS coordinates: 22.6489, 120.3103)
Event location:Namasia District, Kaohsiung City
◆費用:免費(不包含:活動之外的交通費及03/27 晚餐和住宿)
Fee:Free for all admitted applicants. (NOTE: We do not cover transportation between
Kaohsiung and the participant's city of residence. Nor do we cover lodging on the night of
Mar 27 after the event should the participant decide to stay in Kaohsiung)
◆活動對象:全國大專院校國際生10 人,額滿為止
Who can apply:international undergraduate and graduate students at any university in
◆報名方式:即日起至111/03/16(三)下午17:00 止,採「網路報名」,QR-Code 連結如下:
Application deadline:Mar 16 (Wed) 5:00 pm.
Application form:


1. 完成報名不等同實際活動錄取
2. 111/03/19(六)前會mail 通知錄取者行前通知及攜帶物品
Special notes:
1. Due to space limitations, we can only accept 10 participants.
2. We will notify admitted applicants by email before Mar 19 (Sat).
KMU Sustainable Development for Namasia District and Kaohsiung Aboriginal Areas
鄭郁樺助理.電話:(07) 3121101#2381;聯絡信箱
Have questions? Please contact Ms. Yu-Hua Cheng at

Activity scheldule: 1111100788-1