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How the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed our lives - the stories in India



Topic:How the Covid-19 Pandemic has changed our lives: the stories in India
Date:Thursday, November 25, 2021
Time:13:30-15:00 Taiwan Time (11:00-12:30 local time in India)
Audience:Students from NCHU, CCU, NCKU, NSYSU
Lecture:Online (Google Meet)

  • Mumin Chen, Deputy Representative, Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India
  • Roger Liu, Associate Professor of international politics with the Department of Social Sciences, FLAME University.
  • Namrata Hasija, Research Fellow with the Centre for China Analysis and Strategy

Timetable (Host: Paci from office of International Affairs, NCHU)

Taiwan Time Content
13:20-13:30 Online sign-up
13:30-13:35 Opening Remarks from Vice President of International Affairs, NCHU
Chia-Lin Chang
(20 mins)
Session 1: The stories in India
Mumin Chen
(20 mins)
Session 2: The point of view regarding the changes of school policy affected by the pandemic
Roger Liu
(20 mins)
Session 3: The changes of international relations between China, India and Taiwan led by the outbreak of epidemic
Namrata Hasija
14:35-14:55 Q&A Time
14:55-15:00 Promotion for My NCHU Era 


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