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2021「Mongolia Voice Online」Project


Videos will be combined, according to university locations around Taiwan, into one film and broadcast live on November 26th Friday via Taiwan Education Center Mongolia FB fan page ( and YouTube channel (tec.mongolia)

Subsidy:Each video can receive a subsidy up to NT$5,000 at maximum. The receipts/ proof of purchase should be entitled to “銘傳大學” (i.e. Ming Chuan University in Chinese), and tax ID number 29902801. Please scan the receipts and email to for checking. The original receipts must be mail-posted to the following address. The subsidy, according to the amount approved, will be ATM transferred to the bank account of the responsible student representing the school.

The subsidy can cover the following, such as purchasing Mongolian flags, making posters and signs, renting traditional costumes, etc.

Please be reminded that the subsidy will not be approved if the receipts/ proof of purchase fail to meet the required format.

Participants:Mongolian students who are currently in Taiwan, including students and alumni (no age limit).
Participation Deadline:2021/11/15
Video Language:English or Chinese
Video Format:Video of 30 seconds to 1 minute should be presented/ recorded in English or Chinese language. Students at the same university can complete this project together, one video per university. The opening and closing of the video should follow the format specified below; as for the middle part, students can talk about life in Taiwan, hometown memories, blessings for your home country, or any creative performances to commemorate Mongolia’s 100 years of independence celebrations. Creative performances can be tactical skills in U-Bike riding, contortion performance, playing horse-head fiddle, traditional Mongolian dancing and singing, etc.

Video Opening Format: students should stand in front of the university main gate or any place with university name/ logo in the background, waiving at the camera and speaking loudly “Hello, Wǒ Zài Tái Wān” in Chinese, which means “Hello, I’m in Taiwan” in English.

Video Closing Format: students pose with thumbs up, speaking loudly “Méng Gǔ, Zàn!” in Chinese, which means “Mongolia, Bravo!” in English.

Participation Method:

  1. Download Participation Form from Taiwan Education Center Mongolia website (
  2. Students at the same university can complete this project together; one video per university.
  3. Together with Participation Form, please submit the video link by emailing to before November 15th, 2021
  4. Please abide by Intellectual Property Right. Do not download, retrieve or copy other people’s work.
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