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[Summer school] 2021 NCKU International Summer School


The 2021 NCKU International Summer School will feature an "Sustainable Environment, Myth or Reality?" as the topic, and will offer hybrid course ( on-campus+virtual) for both undergraduate and graduate students. The United Nations (UN) has established 17 sustainable development goals as the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. This summer course will include 9 sessions, each session will cover a specific SDG target. Other than the core course, we also provide field trips featured to related local infrastructures/industries, Crash Course in Chinese and City Tour for extra options.

The evaluation standards are expected to include English competence, motivation for applying to this program, and other information deemed helpful to the application process
For clarification, the students who wish to join the 2021 NCKU International Summer School will not be counted toward the exchange balance.
Students who are interested in this topic are welcome to join the program, which is opened to students of any major.

Note: If the on-campus course need to be cancelled due to COVID-19, we will further announce.

Theme: Sustainable Environment, Myth or Reality?

Date: 2021/08/02~2021/08/11

Application Deadline: 13:30 pm 2021/07/08. 

Attached you can find the promotional PPT: 2021 NCKU ISS 20210705

Number of Participants: Maximum of 50 students with virtual participation

Format: Virtual



Contact: Chun-Huei Dai  (

Tel: +886-6-2757575 ext.50967