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Deadline for 2020 Fall CCU Scholarship Application

Due to the COVID-19, we've extended deadline of 2020 Fall CCU scholarship to April 20, 2020.
Required documents:
1. The Scholarship Application form (Application Form)

▲Attachment 1 - Needs to be filled by your Department Office
▲Attachment 2 - If you're evaluated that you need to take Mandarin courses, please fill out the profile part and sign. (Attachment II example)

2. Your transcript of last semester (2019 Fall).

Below is the chart of applying for CCU scholarship grade standard.

CCU Scholarship Minimum Grade Qualifications
Degree Credits Average grade of the previous semester
Bachelor at least 8 over 65
Master at least 4 over 75
Ph.D. at least 4 over 75

▲For Master or Ph.D students who do not do not have a transcript of 2019 Fall, and is currently in the process of writing the thesis, you can also submit a recommendation letter from your adviser, along with a list of research accomplishments (including research proposal).

Please prepare the above-mentioned documents and bring it to OIA 
before 17:00, 20th of April!

Late submission will not be accepted.