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National Chung Cheng University Scholarship Award for International Student

National Chung Cheng University Implementation Policy
of the Scholarship Award for International Students


Our university offers CCU Scholarship covering a full waiver of tuition and miscellaneous fees, free on-campus accommodation (including summer/winter break) and living expense of a proper amount of stipend according to the annual budgets for the first year for the international students who get the CCU admission. From the second year, students should apply for CCU scholarship based on students’ academic performance on a semester basis and decided by College-Level Scholarship Review Committees.

Below is the chart of applying for CCU scholarship grade standard.
CCU Scholarship Minimum Grade Qualifications
Degree Credits Average grade of the previous semester
Bachelor at least 8 over 65
Master at least 4 over 75
Ph.D. at least 4 over 75

Above mentioned average course grade of the previous semester shall be provided for evaluation. According to the academic performance, each college shall make a decision on how to grant the scholarship package for qualified students. Students who do not have an average course grade of the previous semester, and is currently in the process of writing their thesis for the Ph.D. or Master program, have to provide recommendation letters from their advisors, along with a list of their research accomplishments (including thesis proposals and published papers). 

CCU Scholarship does not include other expenses such as student safety insurance, general/national health insurance, computer lab fee, and laboratory fee, if applicable. And also, although CCU offers basic university housing rental waiver, all international students still need to pay for the refundable security deposit and the fees of electricity and network connection fees. If you request to take another room in the dormitory that costs relatively higher than the basic unit assigned to you, you also need to pay for the difference.

After the first semester of study, students should apply for the scholarship of the third semester during the second semester.

For example, you’ll need to apply for CCU scholarship for 2020 Spring / Fall Semester with the application and your transcript of 2019 Spring / Fall Semester during 2019 Fall / 2020 Spring Semester before Nov. 15th, 2019 / April 15th, 2020.(Application Form)

**If you are already a governmental scholarship recipient of any kind, you will not be eligible to receive CCU Scholarship at the same time.

CCU Tuition Fee

Students who are not granted any scholarship for the semester shall pay the below-mentioned Tuition fees at the beginning of each semester.
College Tuition fee Miscanellous fee Total
College of Engineering 34,650 20,350 55,000
College of Science

College of Management: Department of Information Management

College of Social Sciences: Department of Psychology and Department of Communication

College of Education: Department of Athletics
34,020 19,980 54,000
College of Management: except the Department of Information Management 30,870 18,130 49,000
College of Humanities

College of Social Sciences: except the Department of Psychology and Department of Communication

College of Law

College of Education: except the Department of Athletics
30,240 17,760 48,000