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International Degree Student:

International Degree students who are going to pursue a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree at CCU by applying for admission via CCU admission online application system.


Applicant who wish to apply for CCU should meet the regulation "MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan".
Concerning Article 2 of the above regulation (the defination of foreign nationality), please refer to Nationality Act
Violation of these regulations will result in the immediate cancellation of applicant's admission, the deprivation of the applicant's recognized status as a CCU registered student, or the revocation of the applicant's CCU diploma. In addition, no academic certificate will be conferred.

  • International students who has completed the high school graduation is eligible for applying Bachelor's degree.
  • International students who has completed a Bachelor's degree is eligible for applying Master’s degree.
  • International students who has completed a Master's degree is eligible for applying Doctoral degree.

Application Procedure

Application Period (Spring Semester: September 1st ~ October 15th)
                                 (Fall Semester: February 1st ~ March 15th)

Before you apply...

1. Please confirm that you're eligible for applying admission as an international degree student (MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan).

2. Please make sure that the department/program that you wish to apply is open for international student's applying. (Check out courses)
3. After you check your eligibility and programs above, please go to the Admission Online Application System to fill out the form and prepare all the required documents (Check out documents required by department), and please be sure that the Declaration of Nationality has been signed already.
4. Please complete the form and upload all the required documents before the deadline on the application system, confirm to submit the application please click SUBMIT.



Application Documents:
  • The highest degree's full transcript of records
       (1) Applying for Bachelor’s program: high school graduation (or
            higher) / 
Applying for Master’s program: Obtained Bachelor's (or higher) Degree /  Applying for Ph.D’s program: Obtained Master
           (or higher) Degree

       (2) If the school cannot issue the official Chinese or English diploma or graduation certificate, please submit the Chinese/English
            translation as well. 

       (3) If the applicant gets the admission, the diploma, transcripts and the translation version will be required to be authenticated by
            Taiwan Embassy or Taiwan Representative Office in or near the applicant's country.

  • The highest-level degree diploma (For those students who are going to graduate and have not got the diploma will be required to submit the graduation certificate)
  • Financial statement (Sample-of-Financial-Statement)
  • Recommendation letter x 2
  • Statement of Purpose (Chinese or English)
  • Declaration of Nationality Form (Declaration-of-Nationality)
  • Passport (if available)
  • Taiwan Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) (if available)
Documents required by department: (Please upload the related documents according to each department/program's required document)
  • Language proficiency certificate (please refer to each department/program's required document)
*Since most of the undergraduate programs are taught in Chinese and a very limited numbers of courses are instructed in English, please evaluate and check your Chinese proficiency to see if you meet the language proficiency standard that your applying program requires.)   
  • Bachelor’s / Master’s Thesis
  • Research Proposal
  • Publications or Conference papers

***If you do not submit the required documents according to your applying department/program, the application will be viewed as an incomplete application. Therefore, please make sure that your uploading documents have met all the requirements.


  • When is the deadline for admission?