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〔TCUS〕 Special Event: Play quiz contest and win prizes

【TCUS 】Special Event: Play quiz contest and win prizes

Due to COVID-19, you might be afraid of visiting tourist spots in Taiwan.
How about using online tourism resources to travel around Taiwan and gain more Taiwanese knowledge?
Let’s come to play Taiwan tourism quiz game and get a chance to win a prize!

  • Total Questions: 10 (including 4 TCUS universities quizzes and 6 Taiwan tourism quizzes)
  • Prizes:
      1st Prize: NCHU drip bag coffee (10 in one box)
      2nd Prize: NCHU Jin Xuan tea bag (10 in one box)
      3re Prize: NCHU drip bag coffee (5 in one box)
      Participation Prize (1 student each university): NCHU notebook
  • Participant: All Foreign Students (Exchange students & degree students from NCHU, CCU, NCKU, NSYSU)
  • Duration: now – 29 May 2020
  • Date of Prize Drawing: 3 June 2020
  • Rule: There is no limitation of times of playing the quiz game but each participant is only counted once. Only participants who answer all quizzes correctly can join prize drawing.

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